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From the Blue

April 1, 2011

Last weekend we went off on a short visit to Mexico. I brought along all my camera equipment as per usual, but ended up using my DSLR only once – and that too only on the bus ride from the airport to Playa del Carmen.  Unheard of!  I only used my Canon G11 and my iPhone for photography during the trip.  I actually used the iPhone a lot – it was quite interesting. I’m really getting into it, experimenting with the tons of different apps I’ve accumulated.  I’ll be showing more of that here coming up.

On the flight to Mexico, I had the window seat. Whenever I’m flying I always try to get a window seat because there is so much to see and photograph out there!  My poor husband usually ends up with the middle seat.  Poor guy has to deal with a lot in the name of my photography!  (He is always a good sport about it, thankfully.)

I ended up taking a bunch of shots with both my iPhone and my G11 on the flight.  Here are a few of my favorites from the iPhone.


These were taken with the regular camera app and processed with Camera+ (2nd) or Instagram (1st), or taken with Hipstamatic (3rd).

I have a ton more but now I’m facing the dilemma of accumulating a huge archive of iPhone shots that might never see the light of day either!  It never ends.

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