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A Flash of Inspiration: Michael Ward

March 27, 2010

Welcome to a new series on this blog
in which I’ll highlight some of my favorite inspirational photographers
I’ve come across in my adventures online!


Trees across a field.

I discovered Mick (aka yamstar1), a UK-based photographer, on Flickr a while ago through an online exhibition.

His work is absolutely stunning and a constant source of inspiration for me.  Mick has a lot of varied shots, but usually posts things from landscapes, minimalistic shots, flora, architecture, and made-up, “fantasy” images.  Actually there is so much worth looking through in his Flickr stream – I could spend hours there!  In fact, I did.  I was trying to pare down my favorites among all his shots but the more pages I went through, the more I wanted to include!

Where did that cat come from?
[How awesome is this?!]

Do trees feel lonely?

Above the clouds (at the start of the day).

All alone on the first of June.
[One of my absolute favorites of his lone trees.]

Mick says:
“My photography is largely made up of simple images be they minimals or landscapes. I don’t tend to go in for sweeping vistas or complex montages. The landscapes often contain single trees and they often contain rain or stormy skies. These are things that I deliberately seek out in order to create impact though the landscapes I hope are not just pretty pictures, they are supposed to have more meaning than that. Almost all of my images are manipulated and many of the landscapes are to a considerable extent modified and created on the computer. If you traveled the area I live in you would not find most of these scenes. [I enjoy creating] the minimalist photomontages.  These fascinate me so much that I often literally dream them when I am sleeping.”

Conversation with a redhead.
[One of my favorites of his minimalist pieces.]


Lost in the snow.

SEE Mick’s work on Flickr.
PURCHASE some of his work on Imagekind.

Trees across a field.

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